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2:57 PM

This past week, Ryan and Nicole Bush welcomed Brycen Taylor Bush into the world. (This is the 1st boy out of the 7 Bush grandchildren!)I got to meet him last night - he's so sweet and tiny. I can barely remember Libby being that small and it was only a few months ago! Brycen's birth brought Aunt Demetri and Uncle Mike to town from Houston. Nicole was a trooper (in my opinion) and had a house full of friends and family over to celebrate the big week. Stacy cooked up a storm and we had a great time catching up with everyone.
Demetri, Libby, Brycen & Coop

Coop and Libby in a stare off
Gracie Bush, Libby & Coop
Baby Brycen
Bradie Bush
Jenny, Nicole & Mechie
 I always enjoy Demetri's visits and it makes me wish she lived closer.

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