September 24, 2014

Garth FREAKIN' Brooks

That's right, I used "freakin'" in a blog title. But you have to understand, it was necessary. 

Friday night Drew and I got to attend Garth Brooks' World Tour concert. Oh my, it was an event!

But first, let's go back. Remember about 20 years ago when you knew every word to every Garth Brooks' hit? Yeah, me, too. And remember looking at his album covers all those years ago and still being able to recall most of them today? 

Yeah, me, too. 

So when we got wind that Garth Brooks would be performing in Atlanta, Drew and I said, "If we can get our hands on tickets, we have to go!"

A few weeks later I heard on the radio the exact date and time the tickets would go on sale. I talked to Drew and we came up with a plan. It was more of a loose game plan that went like this..."No matter what you're doing tomorrow at 10:00 am GET TO A COMPUTER AND ORDER TICKETS!" 

I'll cut the details short, but it was a very stressful event to get tickets. Ticketmaster locked up all together. Friends were texting me to see what my status was and I was doing the same to them. Another friend sent me a 1-800 number to try because the website was bonkers. The same friend let me know that Garth was going to add another 10:30 pm the same night as the first show. I called in to an automated number and by the grace of God the computer lady rattled off some seat numbers. I checked the seating chart and they were really good seats so I jumped out of my seat and shouted "Yes!" into the receiver. We secured tickets to the show!

Being at the late show was both good and bad. Good because we had to time travel to Atlanta after work, get checked into our hotel and even grab dinner. Bad was being expected to stay awake past 10:30 after a long work week. But we dug deep, I had a cup of coffee and slapped myself around to get mentally ready.

And the long hours did not disappoint. It was so worth it! Garth's still got it! His voice is still as strong as ever. It was a great show!

And I'll save you the stress of fighting Ticketmaster and let you enjoy the goodness that was Garth...


Great night. Classic songs. Awesome show! Thanks, Garth. You were worth the stress, the money spent, Atlanta traffic and 3:00 am bed time. 

September 17, 2014

Life in Pictures

Since I'm short on time and long on pictures, I decided I'll post what's going on in our lives using pictures from my phone. 

Unless you live under a rock you have heard about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenges that everyone and I mean everyone has been doing. You call your friends out and challenge them to dump a bucket of ice water on their head. (Fun?!?) If the person you call out declines, then they make a donation to the ALS research foundation. Some people are good sports and do both the ice water dump and make a donation.

One of my best friends, Coop, did the challenge and then called three of her friends out - Me, Heather and Beth. 

It was important for us to do it because she and her family were personally affected by ALS. Her father, Sidney, aka "Big Sid", passed away from ALS a few years ago. And not that anyone asked my opinion, I love all the awareness that has come from so many videos going viral. The closer to a cure for this awful disease, the better. 

So all four of us got together to accept our challenge. Coop graciously volunteered to douse her best friends with ice water. Isn't she a dear?

The first victim was Heather (and her son, Bence).

Then it was my turn. IT. WAS. COLD.

And finally, it was Beth's turn. 

And after, soaking wet and happy that it's over!


The following weekend Libby and I spotted this pretty rainbow. 


I bought the cutest Lilly Pulitzter day planner/agenda. I was sold when I saw the elephants. 


This year I am working with K - 2nd graders on Wednesday nights at our church in the AWANA program. The kids memorize scripture, hear Bible stories and have game time. 


Georgia Kate has thought long and hard about SEC football and where she stands. I'm happy to report that she is going to side with me and be an Alabama fan! So if you're keeping score - Drew and Libby are Auburn fans, GK and I are siding with Bama. 


Drew enjoyed some time away to fish last weekend. He sent me this Snap Chat. Nice catch! 


And in really, really exciting news...these arrived to our house last week! We are Disney bound in the near future. It will be Libby's first trip and the first time back in 20+ years for me and Drew. We are anxiously awaiting this big trip!

Hope you enjoyed the tour through my iPhone pics. See you soon!

September 06, 2014

August is Over

August was another busy month. Seems like all the weeks and months are in this stage of our lives. 

We're all awaiting a break from the heat. It has been HOT! One way we cooled off was ice skating. I took Libby to the ice rink last weekend where she had her birthday party back in the spring. She really, really enjoys skating and is getting better with each trip.

She skated for three hours and I had to make her leave. She loves it!


Libby got her first black eye last week at school. A boy's head collided with her eye at P.E. She had to visit the school nurse and I got a call at work. But she scored an ice pack and lots of special attention. 

Check out her shiner.

Thankfully her eye is almost completely healed. The black and purple has faded. She handled it like a champ and only whined minimally. ;)


Last week we enjoyed two major events, Labor Day weekend and the kick off of college football. 

This is how things go in our house divided:

Both of our teams won their first game. Not in the most clean or dominant ways, but they were wins. 


We headed south Friday after school to enjoy the long, Labor Day weekend at the beach.

We had great (HOT!) weather and good company.

It was a great trip all around. The sun shined every day, we watched lots of college football and played for hours on the sand in the pool. 

September 02, 2014

1st Grade

We are back to school and the year is under way. We all started back much sooner than I liked, but it happened whether I was ready or not. 

Two days before school started, we attended 1st grade Open House. Libby got to meet her teachers and see her classroom. She was excited and ready to take on another year.

Her school starts 30 minutes earlier this year (booo!) so we were up early for the first day. 

She was cute and calm all morning. First grade, smirst grade. Libby was ready.

She has team teachers this year - two teachers, one classroom.
It's a new concept to us, but has been a great experience so far. 

Mrs. Sawyer and Mrs. Woody

We're four weeks into the school year and it's been good so far. We're all getting use to homework and a new routine. 

We are sure it will be another great year at Lakewood Primary School!

And not to be left out, Georgia Kate moved up to the two-year-old class at day care. She transitioned to her new classroom with little fan fare. And she's getting more personality and spunk by the second. Oh dear.

Hope your school year is off to a great start. Is it Fall Break yet? 

August 21, 2014

Tallahassee or Bust!

This summer we squeezed in a quick road trip to Tallahassee, FL. Coop and I have friends that live there and we've been threatening to make a trip for the past couple of years. This summer we made our goal a reality.

The girls and I loaded up after church that Sunday and headed to south Georgia - about a three-hour trip. We made a quick stop in Thomasville, GA to pick up Coop who'd been there for the weekend visiting family. We headed south another 30 minutes and had an easy drive into Tallahassee.

We all crashed at our friend, L.A.'s, house. She was the sweetest, most tolerant host. She and her husband, Andy, took us four in like it was no problem at all. She has two precious little girls, Mabry and Briley. We played, ate, talked and had a great time.

Sunday evening we had a lovely dinner at the "Queen's Table". 

And bed time with four kids is...interesting.

 Coop, me and L.A.

The next day we met up with another friend, Jill. I got to know Jill though blogging. (Yes, you can make friends that way!) Jill and L.A. are friends so it all makes sense. We spent the morning at the pool with six kids!

After lunch and naps, the fun continued into the evening. L.A. set up baby pools, water balloon games and whipped up a make-shift water slide.

Georgia Kate with Jill's youngest, Blair. They were the babies of the group.

Water slide action.


There is a golf course that backs up to the trees in the back yard. At dusk, huge sprinklers began to water the course. We decided you only live once (YOLO!) and ran and played in the sprinklers. The little girls (okay, the adult girls,too) had a great time running wild!

All that fun wore this girl out!

Thank you, L.A. and Jill, for an entertaining couple of days. It was fun to visit and catch up.

Road to trip to Alabama is in order for next summer. :)