March 31, 2015

Softball Time

Libby kicked off her second season of softball last weekend. She is on the same team this year and we are excited to enjoy another spring of softball and cute girls.

We had opening ceremonies Friday followed by the first game Saturday.

With her favorite coach. :)

Pink, pink and pink!

The girls played a great first game. Libby got two hits and she told me she had a great time!

Go team Lil' Angels! 

March 17, 2015

Spring Things

Spring is here, it's finally here!

 Each year when the weather starts warming, I make a list of spring things that need to be done. I want to put away all the heavy sweaters and pack up my down comforter and swap them out for new, brighter, exciting items. Guess there really is something to the old phrase "Spring Fever"? Here are some things I'm getting into this spring:

Jamberry nails

I've been hearing about Jamberry nails for over a year. They are nail wraps that take the place of polish and last for several weeks.  I finally took the plunge and ordered some. Here is my first attempt using the wraps. I did an accent nail on each hand. 

I plan to wear these colorful wraps this spring and summer. Just not at the same time ;) 

Chambray top

This trend is still going strong. I plan on pulling my chambray tops out for multiple wears this season.

Bright colored flats

I'll take one of each color, please.

And these cute Sam Edleman boat shoes caught my eye. I found a pair on eBay. 

Self tanner

I swore off tanning beds year ago - just too dangerous. But I love having a tan. So I have tried a few different self tanners. I'm currently using the True Blue Spa (a Bath and Body product) but have heard great reviews on the Rodan + Fields sunless tanner. 

A tan makes me feel less afraid of showing some skin after having been covered all winter long. 

What's on your spring 2015 must have list? Feel free to pass on your tips to me. Here's to a new season of sunshine and running our air conditioners. 

March 11, 2015

Springing into March

Holy time change, Batman! Anyone else having a hard time waking up an hour earlier besides me? I always stagger through the first week of spring time change. I LOVE the extra hour of daylight in the evenings, but I don't love feeling like a zombie until my body catches up.

To make things easier I've decided to give my toddler coffee.

Not really. But Georgia Kate does ask to drink my coffee every Saturday. I finally let her taste it knowing she wouldn't like the bitterness. Wrong! She's said, "Ahhhh! Mo' coffee." No, wee one, you can't start the hard stuff just yet.

Several weeks ago Libby and the children's choir at church performed during the Sunday evening service. It's always fun to see them on stage.

Last week both girls celebrated Dr. Seuss' birthday with a week's worth of dress up activities and fun at their schools. I am all tapped out of creative dress up ideas. :/ But the girls had fun and were cute. 

Libby is enjoying softball practice and is so excited about her first ball game. She got in some batting practice Saturday. 

After practice we enjoyed visiting Drew's work for their annual Open House. These two loved the hay ride. I know we rode it at least three times.

The Spring Break countdown is on! Less than two! 

March 02, 2015

Fieldtrip, Fire and more random Fun

The stomach bug invaded our house last weekend. It hit Georgia Kate in a bad way and we hoped, prayed and Lysol-ed everything in sight to keep the virus from spreading. 

We are so lucky that it was less than a 24 hour bug. And hear me when I tell you - stickers make everything better. :)

Thankfully we got through the week with no other victims. It's a good thing because Libby had a field trip to historic Westville - a town that is set up to show case living in the 1850's - planned with her class. Drew went with her and they had a good time. 

She got to try her hand at making candles.

And took a wagon ride pulled by mules. 

Gotta throw a peace sign all the time in first grade, right?


New topic. Is there anything cuter than your toddler finally having enough hair to sport a pony tail? The answer is no.

We endured another cold and damp weekend. Spring, where are you?! I started getting stir crazy trying to entertain inside the house. Cartoons, board games, naps and sisterly fighting can only go on so long. So Drew rescued us with the idea to light our fire pit. 

The girls loved it! 

We roasted marshmallows. 

And ate them until I had to cut them off. 
Gosh mom, this was only my 12th one. Lighten up!

It was coooold and windy. After about an hour the girls were ready to go inside. But it was fun distraction to get us through the afternoon.

And I'll leave you with this fabulous hairdo I created for Georgia Kate. Many schools are celebrating Dr. Seuss' birthday this week. Today was crazy hair day at GK's school. 

She didn't really understand why I was making her look so silly, but she loved it! 

February 20, 2015

Who Turned Off the Heat?

The cold blast of winter weather we've endured this week has me wishing and dreaming about the warmer weather to come. I looked at the calendar the other day to pump myself up - only four weeks until spring break. We can make it!

For me, this week has been extremely busy at work. But a few cool things come with busy weeks. Like I got to get in some fast (parked) cars! 

A police cruiser

And a Tesla - a fancy, expensive electric sports car. Vroom vroom.

I picked up a new book at church this week. It's an autobiography about a family from our area that was featured on Extreme Makeover Home Edition. The couple already faced challenges while raising their young son with spina bifida, when they found out Jeremy Williams (the husband and father) had ALS/Lou Gehrigs disease. He's very active in spreading story and his faith in God. Even though he can't speak or do anything on his own.

It's a really good read. And extremely humbling.

And if spring wasn't on my mind enough, this beauty arrived in the mail. Look at those bright colors and flowers!

Libby kicks off her first softball practice this weekend. She's excited about the coming season. Drew and I are looking forward to seeing our lefty on the field. :) Have a great weekend and stay warm, friends. 

February 12, 2015

Recovery and a Cute Valentine

Hi everyone. I've been away from the blog world for over a week. I had to have inner ear surgery last week. It was a very specialized procedure and it was like nothing I've gone through before. It was really, really bad. I'm happy to report the surgeon was successful in fixing what needed fixing, but whoa, it was major! It's behind me now and I've returned to work and making a slow, but strong come back. Thank you to my friends and family that took care of us, fed us, called us, texted us and prayed for us. We appreciate it! A special thank you to my friend, Kathryn, who opened her home to us. And a huge hug and kiss is due to my husband. He lived up to the "in sickness and in health" part of the deal.

We had to travel to UAB hospital, about two hours from home, so that was an added obstacle. We spent two nights in Birmingham and boy did I miss my girls. Though I was in a post-surgery fog, I was so glad to hug my babies and be reunited with them when we got home.

Look at this little Valentine.

Momma and her best girls

Happy almost Valentine's Day. Remember, no matter how easy the doctors may make it sound, NEVER agree to inner ear surgery. You'll thank me later. ;)