March 02, 2015

Fieldtrip, Fire and more random Fun

The stomach bug invaded our house last weekend. It hit Georgia Kate in a bad way and we hoped, prayed and Lysol-ed everything in sight to keep the virus from spreading. 

We are so lucky that it was less than a 24 hour bug. And hear me when I tell you - stickers make everything better. :)

Thankfully we got through the week with no other victims. It's a good thing because Libby had a field trip to historic Westville - a town that is set up to show case living in the 1850's - planned with her class. Drew went with her and they had a good time. 

She got to try her hand at making candles.

And took a wagon ride pulled by mules. 

Gotta throw a peace sign all the time in first grade, right?


New topic. Is there anything cuter than your toddler finally having enough hair to sport a pony tail? The answer is no.

We endured another cold and damp weekend. Spring, where are you?! I started getting stir crazy trying to entertain inside the house. Cartoons, board games, naps and sisterly fighting can only go on so long. So Drew rescued us with the idea to light our fire pit. 

The girls loved it! 

We roasted marshmallows. 

And ate them until I had to cut them off. 
Gosh mom, this was only my 12th one. Lighten up!

It was coooold and windy. After about an hour the girls were ready to go inside. But it was fun distraction to get us through the afternoon.

And I'll leave you with this fabulous hairdo I created for Georgia Kate. Many schools are celebrating Dr. Seuss' birthday this week. Today was crazy hair day at GK's school. 

She didn't really understand why I was making her look so silly, but she loved it! 

February 20, 2015

Who Turned Off the Heat?

The cold blast of winter weather we've endured this week has me wishing and dreaming about the warmer weather to come. I looked at the calendar the other day to pump myself up - only four weeks until spring break. We can make it!

For me, this week has been extremely busy at work. But a few cool things come with busy weeks. Like I got to get in some fast (parked) cars! 

A police cruiser

And a Tesla - a fancy, expensive electric sports car. Vroom vroom.

I picked up a new book at church this week. It's an autobiography about a family from our area that was featured on Extreme Makeover Home Edition. The couple already faced challenges while raising their young son with spina bifida, when they found out Jeremy Williams (the husband and father) had ALS/Lou Gehrigs disease. He's very active in spreading story and his faith in God. Even though he can't speak or do anything on his own.

It's a really good read. And extremely humbling.

And if spring wasn't on my mind enough, this beauty arrived in the mail. Look at those bright colors and flowers!

Libby kicks off her first softball practice this weekend. She's excited about the coming season. Drew and I are looking forward to seeing our lefty on the field. :) Have a great weekend and stay warm, friends. 

February 12, 2015

Recovery and a Cute Valentine

Hi everyone. I've been away from the blog world for over a week. I had to have inner ear surgery last week. It was a very specialized procedure and it was like nothing I've gone through before. It was really, really bad. I'm happy to report the surgeon was successful in fixing what needed fixing, but whoa, it was major! It's behind me now and I've returned to work and making a slow, but strong come back. Thank you to my friends and family that took care of us, fed us, called us, texted us and prayed for us. We appreciate it! A special thank you to my friend, Kathryn, who opened her home to us. And a huge hug and kiss is due to my husband. He lived up to the "in sickness and in health" part of the deal.

We had to travel to UAB hospital, about two hours from home, so that was an added obstacle. We spent two nights in Birmingham and boy did I miss my girls. Though I was in a post-surgery fog, I was so glad to hug my babies and be reunited with them when we got home.

Look at this little Valentine.

Momma and her best girls

Happy almost Valentine's Day. Remember, no matter how easy the doctors may make it sound, NEVER agree to inner ear surgery. You'll thank me later. ;)

January 29, 2015

Still walking...

Hello and I hope your week is going well. I'm still walking up a storm and laughing at myself when I think silly things like, "I must walk 3,000 steps before lunch!" I wonder if I'll have any friends if I keep this up? 

Last weekend we made our annual girls trip to see an AU Gymnastics meet. Libby had a picture just like this last year. She wanted another one this year. Funny.

Coop organized a big group of moms and daughters to go together. We cheered on Auburn and Arkansas as we watched the gymnasts flip, swing and fly. It's pretty cool to see! Auburn won the competition and we had a fun night with our friends. 

I mean who is cute in her pink on pink on pink outfit? GK is! Everything about her cracks me up. Her personality is soooo different from Libby. People warned me about this, but it's just amazing how contrasting my daughters are. Yet I love them both just they way they are. They LOVE each other and play together really well. Well, until Libby shouts, "Stop touching my toys, Georgia!" But right up until that moment, it's touching.

Not that you had any doubt, but I'm still obsessively tracking my steps on my Fitbit. I had a new high step count this week - 14,552! I would promise my friends that I'll stop sending them pictures when I get a high number, but I probably won't stop. Sorry about that, friends. 


 A few years ago, I converted the side of my cabinet to a chalkboard surface for the girls and I to decorate and color. Project details here. I've been trying out new art every month or so. This is my motivation for cloudy, cold January days. 

I hope you have sunshine on your cloudy days, too.

January 23, 2015

Fitness Find

Last week I took the plunge and ordered a Fitbit Zip and I want to tell you all about it. 

 I wasn't in the market to buy anything new, but I had a conversation with a fellow mom friend at a birthday party. She told me she got a Fitbit for Christmas and how it worked. I was intrigued so I began researching online. I landed at Amazon and on a whim made a purchase. If you know me well, you know whims aren't really my thing. I'm a thinker, planner and over all control freak, whims don't normally fall in my wheel house. 

But I'm so glad I did! This thing is cool! 

It tracks the number of steps you take in a day, calories burned, distance you've traveled and has a clock. I've been competing with myself to get more steps in. And I may or may not have walked laps in my kitchen the other night to hit my goal. (Take moment to envision Libby and GK just staring at me while I did this...ha!)

It syncs up with your smart phone so you can see your results. Met my goal of 10,000 steps...boom!

If you are in the market for a Fitbit or Jawbone (another brand of wireless activity tracker) I'd tell you to go for it. It's a great way to make you mindful of how much you move each day. Both brands have several styles at different price points. The one I ordered, zip, is one of the cheaper models. The more expensive models offer additional features. 

Happy stepping! And if I see you walking in place at home or work, I'll know what you're up. ;)

January 20, 2015

January happenings

January always seems to start off slow for me. The weather is blah, we're headed back to school and work and I usually find myself day dreaming about spring. But the last few weeks have been pretty upbeat and busy. So far, so good.

Libby's social calendar has been full. She's party-hopped the last two weekends. First we got to go ice skating and the next weekend to a western party. 

We also celebrated my FIL's birthday over the MLK weekend. 

Please enjoy her toothless smile. 

Since the girls and I were off Monday, we met up with friends for a donut date. Did you know Krispy Kreme will reward your kids for All A's? Libby earned four donuts. Yum!

This week Lakewood Primary School marked the 100th day of school. The teachers and students celebrate by dressing up as old ladies and men. I let Libby pick out glasses and a chain from the Dollar Tree. She was so excited to "be old" that she could hardly fall asleep the night before.

Recipe for Granny Libby: 
turtleneck, crochet sweater, baby powder for grayish hair, readers and glasses chain and a purse in the crook of her elbow. :)

And lastly I'd like to take time to congratulate my friends on taking on our first ever mirror selfie.  Yes, this is a real thing. I see them all the time on social media. We decided it was time to have our very own picture in a mirror. 

And that's how it's done. Thanks for the stellar poses, ladies! ;)

Have a great week.

January 14, 2015


I found this list through one of my favorite blogs, WHATEVER. It was fun to read, so I'm doing the same here on my blog. Enjoy! (and make your own list if you'd like to share.)

READING... Justice for All by Christy Kyser Truitt, Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg and Southern Living when I have the time. 

PLAYING... The Hanging Tree sung by Jennifer Lawrence. I remember the song from the book, The Mockingjay, but was hooked when Lawrence sang in the movie. It's so simple...yet creepy! Also, my best girl, Coop, makes us CDs from time to time. Libby and Georgia Kate love them and force me to play the same songs over and over again. Their favorites from the most current CD is No One Like You by Barlow Girl, Oceans by Hillsong United and Do Life Big by Jamie Grace. 

WATCHING... Cougar Town, Big Bang Theory, Castle, Bubble Guppies and Paw Patrol. The last two are forced upon me. :/

TRYING... To get back in shape. Walking a lot, running some. Happy to be moving again. Exercising during the winter months is always a challenge for me. 

COOKING...If you call taco night, spaghetti, sandwiches, soups and crock pot meals "cooking", then that's what I'm cooking. For the record, I do call it cooking!

EATING... A cheese stick. My morning snack. I live for snacks! :)

DRINKING... Currently sipping on a Smart Water. My favorite drink of the day is my morning cup of coffee. And Riesling is my choice of wine when I get the chance.

CALLING... The shots? I dunno. I don't really call many people other than Drew and my mom (Hi Mom!)

TEXTING... My husband about day-to-day stuff. My former co-worker, Kelly because we still have a lot in common and group texts with Coop, Hedges and Heather. These texts are THE best! Keeps me in stitches to read about the funny things that happen to us through out the day.

PINNING... Cute outfits. Then I recreate them with things I already own. Or I find affordable pieces to purchase. It's a great way to get fashion ideas. Someone else does all the work, I get all the credit. ;)

TWEETING... I don't tweet. Am I the only one?

CRAFTING... Umm, no. Can't answer this one.

DOING... Laundry, working, always doing something.

LOVING... My girls so much. They are both in such neat, amazing stages in their lives. I often hear my internal voice telling me to "soak this in, it won't last long." And I'm trying my best.

HATING... How much I am dependent on my phone and social media. It's so convenient, but makes us so lazy. I try to read the news from actual news site or hear reports on the radio or pick up a paper, not from Facebook. It's hard to explain, but I'm trying to stay current in the world, but not be just another idiot addicted to their smart phone.

DISCOVERING... (again) How easy it is to make sandwiches and paninis on our George Foreman grill. I used it all the time before we had kids. A few months ago I pulled our grill from the depths of our cabinet and (re)discovered all sorts of ways to make grilled sandwiches fun! Turkey, cheese and spinach panini, anyone? And the two little girls in my house love grill cheese sandwiches.

ENJOYING...Early bedtimes. In the last year or two, I've become the first (adult) to bed. Drew is the night owl. I like getting to be still after long, demanding days. I am not ashamed...I LOVE BEDTIME!

HOPING(for)...Upcoming outpatient surgery to be over with. Quick and not-too-painful is what I'm hoping for. (Inner ear issues, if you're curious.)

CELEBRATING...My friend, Beth's, birthday last weekend. Happy Birthday!

THANKING... God for my family, friends, job, my health and all the cool things I get to see and do everyday!

CONSIDERING... Selling Georgia Kate to a nice family if she doesn't lock this potty training thing down soon. Well, not really. But let's get this show on the road, kid! 

FINISHING... Umm, this blog?

And there you have it, a snap shot of who I am and what's running through my mind right now.