Taylor Swift

8:49 AM

Drew surprised me a few weeks ago and bought floor seats to see Taylor Swift this past weekend. We enjoyed the concert, she's really cute and spunky.

 Drew is convinced her song "Teardrops on my Guitar" (the one where she has a crush on a boy named Drew) is written about him. Of course it is, dear! :) My two favorite songs of the night were "Should of said No" and she did a cover of Rhianna's "Take a Bow" with only an acoustic guitar, pretty cool! It was a fun concert and it was nice to have it right here in Columbus, we didn't have to travel far. We love Taylor! (And apparently so did the row of pre-pubescent teens behind us that screamed in our ear all night. My eardrums were ringing long after the concert was over! I can only imagine how piercing their screams would have been if the Jonas Brothers were performing. Yikes!)

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  1. Now Beth, there will be a time when you take Libby and her cute pre-pubescent friends to see the Jonas Brothers (or whoever is the IT band of her time), and you will scream just as loudly with her as you would have at a NKOTB concert back in the day!

  2. I know, I wonder what Disney band it will be that I have to endure when Libby's 12 years old? Ha ha! I can't wait!

    And I did attend a NKOTB concert and I held up my "I love Jordan" poster, which I'm sure he couldn't see since our seats were at least 200 rows back!! :)


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