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9:02 AM

Many of you have probably seen The Girls Next Door. It's the reality show on E! that follows crusty, old Hugh Hefner and his 3 young, buxom, blond girlfriends. It's intriguing because the whole concept is so crazy - a wealthy man lives in a house with 3 girlfriends and they are all okay with it. Things like that just don't happen in small town America. Though I am not proud, I must admit, I watch the show and think it's quite amusing!

But here's the latest, Hollie and Hef have broken up. What? She held the title of "Girlfriend #1". She was the most important one. She shared a bed with the robed grandpa...eww, I know! What will come of the pecking order now? If you're interested in Hef's reaction, and you know you are, here's the latest from MSN's site
I'm curious to see what comes of the show. And just how long will Hef be able to kick it with 20-something Playmates? He's 82-years-old! And we thought the state of the economy was shaky!

I hope this post doesn't tarnish my reputation too badly! No need to phone DHR, I don't allow Libby to watch this...or any other TV for that matter. :)

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  2. Yes, one of my guilty pleasures too. I am a bit of a reality "ho" - but anyway Holly was crazy to think he would ever marry her and have kids. I never understood why she always harped on that to old "Puffin" when you just knew he was not going there! I suspected something was up weeks ago when that scandalous report came out that she was running around with that Criss Angel.

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