How to Choose the Perfect Christmas Tree...

8:00 AM

Step 1: Visit your favorite Christmas Tree Farm.
Step 2: Examine each limb to ensure proper texture.
Step 3: Taste the sprig to ensure quality.
Step 4: Park yourself by your tree so no one else can claim it.
Step 5: Consult The Man Upstairs to make sure this is the tree.
Step 6: Cut the tree down, haul it home and have a Merry Christmas!!

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  1. I even like the picture to indicate to make sure you have a Classi-Paci with you to make sure if you do need to taste the tree, your paci doesn't fall to the ground!

    She is absolutely chance is there a 4-snowman ornament now on that tree? JK!

  2. See, there's proof that the Classi-Paci comes in handy! Especially for those spur of the moment times when your child eats tree limbs!

    And no, there's no snowman ornament on my tree, only the ornament I won fair and square! :)

  3. She is SOOO cute Beth! Congrats!!


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