Baby Dedication

8:00 AM

This weekend we had the privilege of dedicating our sweet baby girl at our church. She was beautiful and did a great job. She even talked to the audience while the preacher was talking, oops! We publicly committed to raising Libby in a Christian home and also vowed to bring her to church so she can learn about Jesus Christ. We were proud to have our family and friends be there to support us, thanks for being a part of such a special event!

Listening to the Preacher

I had to add this picture, look at Libby's mouth. She was making little noises and sticking her finger in her mouth. Notice her feet - she was swinging them back and forth. She evoked some laughter from the audience, that's my girl!

Libby's Great Grandmother, Mot and her her Grandparents

Aunt Angie and Libby after lunch

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