Bunco Fun

10:11 AM

This month was my turn to host Bunco. As the hostess, I had the job of getting my house ready for visitors (read: do some serious cleaning) and preparing dinner for the 12 players. The cleaning I can handle, the cooking, well, that took a little more focus since I don't spend much time in the kitchen. However, I was able to satisfy the masses with spaghetti, salad and toast. (One batch of toast got a little crisp, but no one complained and I was thankful!) We also threw in a baby shower for Jennifer Cooper. Her son, Jackson, is due in a few weeks. She got some really cute things!

Even though I didn't win the big Bunco money, I had a great time! I'm looking forward to next month. {when it's not at my house :)}

Rollin' the dice

Some of Jackson's cute monogrammed gifts

More Bunco action
Amy after rolling a 'Bunco'. Nice hat!

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