Birthday Bash

10:00 AM

This weekend Libby helped her friend, Allie Hedges, celebrate her 2nd birthday. We had a fun time and Libby played with lots of her friends. Here are some cute pictures from the party.

Ethan, Allie and Libby

Libby and Lily (Lily kept hugging Libby, so this is the best picture I could get!)

Libby LOVED the slide. We went down over and over.

Happy face at the bottom of the slide!

Since Libby loved sliding so much, I wanted her to go down the big slides. Amanda Norris agreed to take her down so I could get pictures. And this is what happened...

This is the funniest picture I've seen in a long time. They look like they were flying down the slide (really, they weren't) and Amanda looks like she's enjoying making Libby cry. Too funny! (Amanda just graduated and is looking to land a job in elementary education. I do not recommend attaching this picture to her resume!)

Just to show you, (and clear Amanda's reputation) Libby was fine at the bottom of the slide!

I took Libby down the big slide one more time to ensure that she was not traumatized. She liked it more the second go 'round!

Happy Birthday, Allie! You are precious and you throw a great party!

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