On the Farm

10:00 PM

Last weekend we took Libby to the farm for some outdoor fun. She goes with her daddy a lot on the weekends, but she usually stays near the house and plays with the dogs while her daddy does "farm stuff" (what I figure must be piddling and other guy things!) We decided to take the whole family for a ride on the Gator and tour the farm. Libby watched everything closely and enjoyed the ride!

Mommy and Libby stopped by the lake.

Uchee smelling (and licking) Libby!

Libby riding her very own John Deere tractor! Vrroom!

She did a great job of balancing and holding the steering wheel. She LOVED to ride!

We took turns pushing her all over the yard. The tractor is a big hit!
(And our lower backs will never be the same :) )

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