Happy Birthday, Libby!

6:00 AM

Today is a very special day! Libby turns one-year-old! No, I can't believe it! No, it doesn't feel like a year ago that drove myself to the hospital (instead of work where I was supposed to be going) that Monday morning! And no, I absolutely cannot believe how much she has grown. What joy this doll has brought us. She is a blessing to our entire family!

Happy Birthday, Libby!

Here are a few (of the thousands) of moments we've enjoyed over the past year...

Two days old

Two weeks old

First Trip to the Beach

First Trip to the Christmas Tree Farm
Fuzzy Hair and Big Blue Eyes

First Haircut
On the go

Our precious girl!

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  1. Happy first birthday Libby! I can't believe it's been a year! You are such a precious little girl, I know your mom and dad are so blessed to have you!

    Love, Kathryn

  2. Happy Birthday Libby! I can't believe she is one year old!! Seems like yesterday you were in the hospital with her!! Congratulations on such a sweet, beautiful baby!

  3. Happy Birthday Libby!! I've enjoyed watching you grow via blog!

  4. I'm sure Libby is in bed by now, but I hope she had a fabulous birthday! Her little pics of her 1st year are just adorable!


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