Family Reunion

9:15 AM

That's right, we got back to our roots (well, not my roots, but my husband's roots) and attended the annual Parkman Family Reunion. There were lots of Parkman aunts, uncles and cousins,-- and I do mean lots! It was nice to see everyone and Libby had fun meeting family members and playing with cousins.

We've had a few additions to the family since last year...

Meet Sawyer, what a cutie! You can read more about his family here.

And baby James. He's two months old.

When she wasn't greeting family members, Libby played on the playground.

She slid

and even went for a swing.

Libby and Motsie

At one point, I looked up and saw this streak go past me. Libby was showing off her mad walking skills!

This is our sweet cousin Elizabeth. She's Drew's 1st cousin's daughter. {Did you follow that?} She was the flower girl in our wedding and she is truly one of kindest, most mature children I know. And it didn't take Libby long to fall for Elizabeth, either!

The two Elizabeths

Girl Cousins - Delia, Libby, Elizabeth and Emma

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  1. What? No Parkman Family Reunion tree t-shirts?

  2. No, but if you'll look ever so closely in some of the pictures, there are custom printed "Parkman" tees, complete with John Deere themed-colors. Drew and I chuckle each time we see one.

  3. Found them! By the way, in case Libby needs a pink John Deere beach towel, they're on clearance at JoAnn's. I know a girl that can even put Libby's name on it.

  4. Libby is too cute. I love her outfit and her chunky thighs!


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