Children of the Corn

9:00 AM

The corn is ready, anyone hungry?

Libby was and she got her fill of delicious Silver Queen corn this weekend. She really enjoyed the corn - she even ate it off the cob...with her own hands. Here's how it all went down...

First Daddy let Libby taste the corn. Mmmm, really good!

Then she decided she could handle it on her own...

A good, buttery ear of corn can get slippery. But Libby utilized a new technique, pinning the cob down to her tray so she could eat all the kernels!

The results are in:

"I love corn!" (translated from a high-pitched squeal)

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  1. Beth, I seriously laughed out loud when I got to the picture of her pinning the corn to the table! So cute! I'll have to try corn with my boys - I'll have to help Taylor and Brayden though - they are lacking in the tooth dept. All of Taylor's now belong to the tooth fairy and poor Brayden is just behind on hair and teeth all together!

  2. This is just precious- Libby is so adorable! Charli Marie has yet to try corn on the cob, but I am sure she will like it. The child loves just about everything she can put in her mouth these days, favorites being asparagus and MM's!

  3. The "pinning of the corn" is one of my favorite pictures of Miss Libby! The question is, how much corn is stuck in her teeth?

  4. Haha this is awesome! I am so glad you linked back to this.


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