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Last week I chaperoned 14 college students on a 3-day leadership conference. One of my jobs at the college is to sponsor the Student Ambassador Team. Students apply for the team and go through a competitive interview process. This year I started with 60 applications and had to choose the top 10 students. It was a tough job! Those selected are awarded a scholarship to help me recruit, give tours and help out where ever they are needed around campus. They are great kids and I have a good time molding them into outstanding leaders -- some need more molding than others -- each year's an adventure!

We left Phenix City Wednesday afternoon headed for Bevill State Community College in Jasper, AL. The students had a good time at the conference and got along with each other so well. (They graduated from different high schools and didn't know each other. I love forcing students out of their comfort zone...it builds character, right?)

On our way to eat the first night. Jordan, Jake and Stacy

The first day of the conference there was a roll call. Each college had to perform a chant/cheer/song in front of the whole audience (over 300 people!). I must say our performance brought down the house. The students performed a CVCC song to the tune of the Jackson 5's "ABC, 123". It was a huge hit and the Ambassadors were so proud!

The student's tribute to MJ! (The picture doesn't show how they were swaying...funny!)

Thursday night there was a dinner and dance. Me with Lynnlee and Eric.

The theme of the night was Rolling out the Red Carpet. So we had to WORK the red carpet!

They kept me laughing the whole time and I look forward to working with this group of students.

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  1. You look just as great as they too! I am jealous! You have made a difference in their lives for sure!


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