Beach Weekend

7:30 AM

A few months ago my friend, Beth Hedges, decided we girls needed to organize a trip to the beach. I thought that was a pretty fabulous idea and so did four more of our friends. All six of us made arrangements for our kids and hit the road. Our friendships date back many years. All of us grew up in church together and/or went to high school or college together. Beth H., Courtney, April and I went to Central HS, along with Sheryl's husband. Sheryl and Heather went to Smiths Station HS, along with April's husband. Beth H., Sheryl and April were roommates at UAB and Courtney and Heather were roommates at Auburn. And several of us have attended the same church at one time or another. Are you thoroughly confused yet? Good!

We left town Friday afternoon and we couldn't have been more excited!

I think April's pretty excited about leaving her three kiddos and husband behind!

Panama City Beach or Bust!

We spent the day on beach Saturday. It was cool, but warm enough to get some sun. In case you were worried, we enjoyed ourselves!

Putting on a show for all the people on the beach. What? We were the only ones for miles and miles? (They were probably dancing to a Miley Cyrus song!)

Saturday night we ate at the Boatyard. The food was great and we stuffed ourselves.

We headed home Sunday and were sad to see our time together come to an end.

Thanks, girls, for ALL the laughs! And a special thanks to our husbands and parents for helping take care of our children. Hopefully this will become an annual event!

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  1. Aren't girls weekends the best? I just had mine and loved it! They rejuvinate us mommies so much! Glad you have such amazing girl friends- it looked like you guys had a blast!


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