Shingle Bells Shingle Bells

7:30 AM

Guess what we're getting? A new roof! (Allow me to pause for a moment as I acknowledge that getting this excited about a new roof means I'm an adult. M'k, done.)

Our roof was the victim of several storms that hit our area this summer. We noticed some shingles had blown off and figured we'd have to pay someone to come out and patch it up. But to our delight, the insurance adjuster informed us that we needed a whole new roof and he'd have the check to us by the end of the week. {Insert Beth and Drew performing dance of joy here!}

Fast forward several months's the day!

Here is a picture of our house "Before". I can only guess this is the original roof.

Say "Buh bye" to the brown shingles and welcome Rustic Black to the family.

Check back soon for pictures of the finished product...

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