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I am deeply saddened to have to begin this post, but unfortunately, I must. My co-worker and friend, Chris Patterson passed away late last night. I am shocked to even be typing these words.

So many of my friends and family were genuinely concerned with Chris' day-to-day progress. Many of them didn't know Chris, but continually called or asked me about him. I have been greatly impressed by their love and concern for a stranger. My Sunday School class even reached out to the Patterson family because of their concern for Chris. That's what love is. Through this series of events I have seen numerous examples of love and compassion for others. I will keep these examples close to my heart, especially in our world that often feels dark and cold.

If you would like to leave any thoughts, comforting words or prayers with Chris' family, please do so at their blog http://prayersforchris.blogspot.com/
I am praying for comfort for the family as they begin a long, emotional and very sad road. God Bless you, Patterson family.

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  1. Beth - I am so sad to hear about Chris. It is shocking. I will be praying for his family. He was such a nice guy and I always enjoyed talking to him. This is a very sad day.


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