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Christmas Day has come and gone, but I have memories that should last me a long, long time. We had a very busy two days and I was officially exhausted after our last stop late Christmas Day. We ate way too much food and opened way too many presents. It's almost unreal how blessed we are! I'll dedicate another post later on all the things Libby got - it should be illegal for a 20-month-old to have so many nice things. ;)

But this post is about me - or should I say my new camera?! Yes, that's right Santa Drew came through! I am the proud owner of a Cannon Rebel EOS digital camera. What an awesome gift! How did he know?

And if that wasn't enough, he also surprised me with this mac-daddy lens! Wahoo!

He let me open it Christmas Eve so I could take pictures of Libby opening her presents at my parents' house. We took turns playing with it for the next 48 hours. Here are just a few (of the hundreds) of pictures we've taken so far.

Drew's farm dog, Yuchi

A few bird houses

And me and Libby enjoying a beautiful sunset.

I am so excited about my new camera! Thanks, Drew! And trust me, I'll be forcing lots of pictures on you, my faithful blog readers!

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  1. Woohoo! You finally got it! And I'm super jealous of that awesome lens!

  2. Yay! You got the camera! Love the pics it takes!!

  3. I just got the same camera!! Maybe you can show me how to use it!!


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