Tree Farm

7:30 AM

Christmas time is here! We made a trip to the Christmas Tree farm last weekend. We started the trip with a hay ride out to the field. Libby enjoyed riding the wagon this year. She sat in our laps the whole time and watched everything around her.

Once the tractor dropped us off, we were off to find the perfect tree. I love the rows and rows of tree. Each tree has its own personality.

Libby had a great time running all around as we scouted out the right tree.

Drew tried to explain to her that we were looking for a tree that was "this high".

After some lifting, I think she understood.

We found one we all liked. Drew and Granddaddy Dave cut it down.

We loaded the tree on the wagon and headed back to the camp. We wrapped up our trip with lunch at the concession stand with friends.

Libby fell asleep on the ride home. During her nap we drug the tree in and put on the lights and ornaments. When she woke up, the tree was waiting for her. She had been crying, but when I carried her through the hall door, her whining stopped. This is her sleepy faced expression while she checked out the tree.

She loves the tree and calls it "Riley". Riley is our cat and spends most of his day hiding, pouncing and napping under the tree. I guess it makes sense to her that it's his tree.

Let the Christmas season begin!

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  1. I can't believe how much Libby is growing up. She looks like a mini Beth!

  2. What a great experience! I have NEVER had a real Christmas tree. As far as I know, Fake is real to me! I LOVE the tree smell though! I also love Libby's shirt- Lilly has the same one :)


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