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It's 2010, it's January and I'm back at work. Wait, wasn't I just rushing around trying to finish my Christmas shopping? Yes, it all flew by too quickly. But it was a wonderfully full Christmas season and we had a great time. I was off work for two weeks - and I loved it! So now it's back to reality, oy! However, I'm excited to share this post with you. Libby had a such a great Christmas and I'm excited to relive it here on the blog.

If you've read this blog even just once, then you weren't worried that Libby would go without this year! Boy did she rack up. In fact, I'm contemplating renting a PODS trailer and parking it in my front yard for extra storage! Okay, not really, but I've seen it done and it makes me laugh.

Christmas Eve we attended a candlelight service with my parents, ate dinner and opened presents with Mimi and Papa. Libby quickly bonded with this cute pug puppy. Once she confirmed it was not a real dog, she was smitten!

Lib, Mimi and Papa

The next morning began round two of presents. Both sets of grandparents were up early and came to eat breakfast and see what Libby got from Santa/us.

After that, we grabbed showers and headed to Parkmanville for lunch with the extended Parkman family. The food was great and Libby got more presents...gesh!

Then we pressed on for another hour and opened presents at David and Nona's house. Libby got lots of cute clothes, some toys that make noise (thanks, Angie and Tripp) and a baby doll stroller.

This is Libby pushing the stroller last week. Did you notice she is wearing my shoes?

And just when you thought my child could not stand one more present...well, yeah, you guessed it, she got more. If you can't tell, the Parkmans promote loving John Deere at a young age. Libby got her very own motorized Gator. Wow!

She loved it....

Then it was all too much! Needless to say she quickly aborted driving and took a long nap!

It was a long day-and-a-half, but it was lots of fun! We were all showered with wonderful presents and have so much to be thankful for. We also purged a lot of baby clothes and toys to make room for the new. I think I need a vacation after my vacation. ;)

And if you were curious, the new swing set is still a big hit. We played on it several times over the holiday. It's been FREEZING the last few days, but when the temps crawl out of the 30's, we plan to venture out in the back yard again.

Also over the break, my friend, Kathryn, came and visited. Libby entertained her greatly - at least that's what I'm telling myself - and we loved having her! She also got to experience the swing set. Libby dubbed her "KK" and she thoroughly enjoyed their time together! I did, too! Maybe we'll make a trip to Birmingham to visit soon.

Thanks to everyone that helped us have a very happy, very merry Christmas and New Year! Once again I pray that God will continue to bless my family and friends in 2010!

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