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Did you know that you can find Mickey Mouse on the world wide web any time of the day? You can, and my 21-month-old daughter knows this. She isn't completely sold on T.V. yet and that's a good thing. Of all the cartoons out there, only two can hold her attention for any length of time. Those lucky two are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Handy Manny. (Other parents are humming the theme songs right about now.)

They both run early in the morning and after about 8 am, Libby could care less about what's on. But she knows Mickey can be found on another screen, the computer monitor. A few months ago, Drew enlightened her about Playhouse Disney online. They sat together and watched a few minutes of Mickey and his friends online. However, Libby hasn't forgotten that Mickey plays on the "other TV". She's such a fanatic that we have to keep the door shut to our guest bedroom/office. I can't tell you how many times I've found her perched on the computer stool (we use an ottoman due to space restraints) clicking away on the keyboard. Most of the time it's turned off when we're not using it, but that doesn't keep her from trying.

Usually on the weekend, we'll make time for Mickey. And boy does she love it!

Check this out - she knows how to "use" the mouse. I think she's seen Mommy and Daddy on the computer, huh? Usually I catch her banging the mouse and ferociously pecking the keys on the keyboard. I'm sure you won't be surprised when an upcoming blog post reads, "We had to replace our computer today..." Fingers crossed that won't be the case.

*Update on the refrigerator saga. After two visits from an appliance repairman and a couple hundred dollars (yikes!) our 'fridge is working again. It was a pain, but Drew and I are thankful we didn't have to replace the entire unit. And hey, the silver lining of this annoying process is that after being forced to throw ALL of our food away, I had a great reason to deep clean the shelves and trays in 'fridge and freezer. Who doesn't love a squeaky, clean refrigerator?

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  1. Have you introduced her to Sponge Bob Square Pants? That cartoon is like crack at our house. I have to cut them off from it!

  2. Henry is the same way...not a huge TV fan, but loves him some Mick-Mou and lately, to my overwhelming excitement, Barney. That Barney all seems cute and cheery until about the 10th time through the video. Then you realize that Satan is really a huge annoying purple dinosaur.


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