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Hey there! I hope your week is off to a great start. Last week was a busy one. My week at work was very hectic and full of highs and lows. Our weekend was full of activity - a birthday party for Libby's friend, Brandt, a couples shower for our friends, Cassie and Shaun, and a birthday dinner for Drew's sweet grandmother, Motsie. We had fun seeing everyone and it was good to be among friends and family.

Even with all the distractions, I can't seem to get a friend from college, Ginger, off my mind. She and her husband Jeff have been patiently waiting to become parents by way of adoption. You can read the journey of ups and downs they've been through over the last year on her blog, Baby E. Last week they got the news that they will get to travel to Africa to get their son in a few short weeks! If you have time, take a moment to read some of Ginger's blog entries. They have waited so long and throughout each bump in the road, they have trusted God. I have been so touched by their willingness to trust Him, even when they were tired of waiting or frustrated.

Their journey to adoption has made me realize how blessed I am. I often take for granted how easy my pregnancy was or how lucky I am to have such a happy, healthy child. Ginger and Jeff's story is a reminder of how precious each life is.

Thank you, Lord, for my precious child.

I can't wait to see how much Jeff and Ginger's life will change with they bring their precious baby boy, Jude, home!

I hope this post will cause you to pause and be thankful for ANY and ALL the blessings you have!

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  1. So so so thankful! Thanks for sharing. That pic of Libby is so sweet! She looks like such a big girl!


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