Babies, Babies!

11:58 AM

It's been a busy week for baby news. Wait, stop right there. I'm not about to announce baby news regarding me. Now, moving on...

My friend Jill (Blissful Chaos) had a bouncing baby boy this week! That makes baby number three for their family and he is so cute! Our mutual friend, LA, posted about his birth here. Welcome, Banks, you have a great family and a really cute brother and sister!

Also, Ginger (Baby E) has been posting great updates about their trip to Ethiopia. There are lots of cute pictures of their baby, Judah. They are back home getting settled and soaking in Jude and all of his cuteness!

And finally, our friends, Beth and Gabe Hedges announced this week that they, too, will be having a baby! Allie (featured on the blog often with Libby) will be a big sister!

God has blessed all of these families and I know they are thankful to Him for the excitement a new baby brings!

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