The Very Full Beach Trip

12:00 PM

Hello from the Emerald Coast!

Well, we're not there anymore, but we did enjoy our trip to the beautiful shore! Libby, Mimi and I took a girls' trip to the beach. We left Wednesday afternoon and returned home Monday. It was a good time! Little Miss Two-Year-Old kept us on our toes. That's why I have refrained from over-using the word "vacation". We were up early and played hard all day, everyday!

Libby spent LOTS of time in the pool. She had a great time playing on the steps and splashing around the pool. She also was brave and jumped from the side of the pool several times.

Some of our friends from home, the Norris and Hedges families, were visiting the beach at the same time. They were enjoying their annual family vacation. They have a condo at the same place we do, so we spent some time with them on the beach. Their daughter, Allie, is a year older than Libby. The girls enjoyed playing on the beach together!

Allie's Aunt Amanda even joined in on the fun. Looks like she had her hands full!

Libby, my mom and I ventured out to Pier Park to eat and see the sights Friday night. I'm ashamed to admit that we never got a picture of the three of us together. So these individual shots with Libby will have to do. And please don't mind that Libby could've cared less about having her picture made. At least Mimi and I were happy to be there!

The next day, while spending time on the beach, I spotted an old friend, Emily Askew Russell. We flagged her down and enjoyed catching. Beth (left, who was on the beach with the Norris/Hedges clan), Emily (center) and I grew up in church together. Emily and her husband live outside of Atlanta. So it was quite a surprise to see her and her mom and sister strolling down the beach!

We enjoyed our long days coming and going from the condo as we pleased. Life sure does take on a much slower pace at the beach. I'm hoping we'll get to squeeze in one more visit before summer winds down.

Once we returned home, Libby informed her daddy that we were going to go (back) to the beach and ride the Sea Screamer (a big, yellow, sight seeing boat that passed by our condo numerous times a day). She told him he would drive and she would sit in my lap while she wore her beaded necklace. Not sure how she came up with this idea on her own. Who knows? Maybe she's on to a good idea!

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