5:00 PM

After some chilly days and a day of storms, the warm weather is back! Throw in an extra hour from Daylight Savings Time and you have a the perfect combination for playing outside.

We spend several hours in the back yard when everyone gets home from work and school. Drew's been the grill master and cooked hamburgers, hot dogs and pork chops. Mmm!

Libby requested shorts and "flip flobs", so I that's what I let her wear.

She's really into making dramatic faces these days. So I asked her to give me some of her best ones.

And lastly, we're beginning to realize just how big our new yard is. Drew made two giant piles of leaves and he, Libby and I had the task of getting them up so the yard man could actually see the grass.

I hope it's warm where you are. If not, come south, we'll gladly share with you.

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