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We had a great weekend! Last week we started a four-day work week at the college. The new schedule certainly takes getting used to (7:30 am start time! Yikes!) But then you get rewarded every week by having Friday's off. One week into the summer schedule and I'm still alive.

I worked in a walk Friday morning and spent the rest of the day running errands. We picked up some food and wrapped presents. Friday night we had a joint birthday dinner for Mimi and Drew. 

Libby and I swam a little before Mimi and Papa arrived. Drew fired up the grill and we enjoyed a nice evening.

Libby has a new favorite game on the iPad. She was teaching Mimi how to scoop and decorate a custom ice cream cone.

After dinner the birthday babies (and a cute helper) blew out the candles. Happy Birthday, Drew and Mimi!

Saturday morning Libby got a surprise delivery. My Great Uncle Warren and Aunt Cheryl came to visit. When they were cleaning out her mother's house, they found this antique canopy bed. Cheryl used to play with it when she was a little girl. They called me and asked if Libby would like to have it. I knew she would. They were in town this weekend and stopped by to deliver the bed.

Libby loved it and immediately went upstairs to retrieve two baby dolls and put them to bed. Unfortunatley she doesn't let her baby dolls breathe will they nap, hence the big lump under the covers. She means business at nap time.

Libby and Uncle Warren

We stayed busy the rest of the weekend. For now it's back to work and looking forward to Memorial Day weekend. Have a great week, blog friends!

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  1. What an ADORABLE little bed!! :)

    Your daughter is so cute by the way, I love reading about her.

    xo Rachel

  2. Such a cute post!! What app is that? Lilly would love it!! I wonder what our grandkids will be playing? iPad = awesome!

  3. That bed is awesome! Love all of Libby's cute clothes! She is adorable!


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