Thankful Thursdays

7:30 AM

This Thursday I am thankful for my home. The physical structure AND what it holds - my family, a place to play and relax and the comfort of familiar surroundings. We moved to our house this time last year. If you have any good sense about you, don't move during the holidays! We did and I vowed to never move again, well not until I'm downsizing to a condo on the beach much later in life! ;)

I love the character our house has. I love that it's older, but spacious with lots of room to grow. I love that it has a huge back yard.

I have even grown to love our pool. (We were worried at the beginning of summer that we were in over our head. But we enjoyed it so much.)

I love that I have a reason to buy new furniture. Here's our latest addition in the dining room.

Thank you Lord that we are able to own a home and have a place to retreat each night.

Don't we all have SO MUCH to be thankful for? Yes we sure do!

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  1. You are so right, Beth, having a home is something to be thankful for. And I LOVE your new dining room furniture!! It looks great!


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