Christmas 2011

1:45 PM

We started our Christmas celebration on Christmas Eve with my parents. We attended a candle light service at church, then came home to eat dinner.

After dinner, I found Libby inspecting the presents. I think she was ready to open presents, you agree?

Once she got the go-ahead, she ripped into all of her presents. She got good things like pajamas, toys and tea sets.

When she had finished opening all her boxes, Mimi asked her if it would be neat to have something to play with her tea sets and color on? She gave her a thoughtful look and said, "Yes." Then Mimi had her go look around the house to see what she could find. After searching, she found her very own table and chairs set up in her play room. So cute!

Libby didn't need any instructions. She immediately began serving tea and cupcakes to everyone. Then we all had to place our food orders and take turns sitting at the table.

Everyone had to participate!

She LOVES her new table and I know it will be hours of fun.

I scored a pretty nice prize, too. A new Keurig! Mmm, coffee for mommy!

It was a great Christmas Eve with our family.

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  1. Just now catching up on my blog reading :) So jealous of your Keurig!! Love!! We also did a Christmas Eve candelight service and I just LOVE it!! So special!! Can't wait to see Christmas MORNING!!

  2. The Keurig is definitely a score!
    So sweet of everyone to play along with Libby!


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