Animals of Christmas

4:21 PM

Our holiday festivities are in full swing. Libby was in two Christmas programs last week. 

Her first performance was in her school program. She was a cute and lovable cow. 

You may remember that she chose to be a cow in last year's school production as well. And you might remember the full blown meltdown. You can relive the performance here

So you can imagine the shock Drew and I felt when she told us she had a speaking part this year. Really? You do? The cow that sobbed through the better part the Christmas carols last year? Oh goody. 

But after weeks and weeks of practicing at school and home, she owned her part. She stood at the microphone and delivered her lines clearly and loudly. 

We were SO PROUD! 

Then she joined her cow friends for an adorable performance of Christmas songs.

Precious children and precious memories.

Her next performance was a program at church. She was cast as an adorable sheep. 

Here comes the herd...

The children performed songs and bible verses for the audience. 

They were funny and too cute.

Libby was proud of herself after both programs and it was a joy for us to watch our oldest daughter on stage. 

I hope your Christmas celebrations are taking off and are as entertaining as ours have been. 

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