Christmas 2012

8:56 AM

Hello! I hope you had a great Christmas holiday. We did. It was exciting, busy, tiring and fun. Yep, all the things Christmas with small children should be. My biggest problem is getting my living room back in working order. It looks like a toy-slinging monster was left alone to destroy the place. But each day I am working to restore order. I hope it will soon be recognizable.

We started our celebration on Christmas Eve. We attended a candle light service with my parents. After dinner it was time to open presents!

But Georgia Kate was too tired. So she slept through her first round of presents. Libby was happy to unwrap them for her baby sister.

We hurried to get in bed so Santa could visit our house. Libby was SO excited. This is the first year she has really understood that gifts were on their way. She was giddy. She even made a few middle-of-the-night trips to our bed to ask if we thought Santa had made his delivery yet.

And guess what? He did!

The girls got some great presents and had fun opening them all. 

We had a great Christmas. My girls were blessed with some great gifts and lots of love.

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