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Another week has come and gone, here's what's blog-worthy. We all enjoyed having my brother, Drew, visit for the week. His last night in town we enjoyed dinner at my parents' house. And you know I couldn't miss a chance to take pictures.

Mimi, Uncle Drew, Papa and the girls.

Libby really loved getting to play with Uncle Drew. She only gets to see him a few times a year, so it's great they can share time together.  

The Raiford kids and grand kids.

Drew is now back in cold, snowy Colorado. Come south when you need to warm up, Brother!


 Libby performed with the children's choir in church Sunday. She did a great job. And of course, she was cute! I grabbed these shots before leaving for church.

And lastly, I am struck at how much my two girls love each other. Before GK arrived, I assumed that with their difference in age (four years) the girls might not identify with each other. Boy was I wrong. Georgia Kate delights in Libby's company. She giggling and claps and squeals. In return she keeps Libby in stitches. Sunday night Drew called me from the other room and said, "Come look at this."

This is how we found them.

I pray they'll lean on each other through out their lives and have a relationship that only sisters can understand.

Have a great week and don't forget your Valentine!

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