Bunco and Bullets

4:20 PM

We've had a busy couple of weeks. We've been dodging buckets and buckets of rain, been busy at work and chasing two girls from dawn 'til dusk. Whew!

Last weekend Drew and I hosted couples Bunco at our house. 12 couples (24 people) in our house at one time makes for a loud and lively night. 

Drew and I both enjoyed our kid free night. I loved spending time with these hilarious friends. Some of them kept us in stitches all night long (you know who you are)! 


 We got a break from rain Sunday. Blue skies and spring-like weather - talk about itching with spring fever. 

Drew talked Libby into taking some target practice on the farm. And to my surprise, she not only joined him, she shot the rifle! Go, Libby, go!

Drew and I took turns, too. 

 Libby pointing out some of our shots.

Libby sported ear plugs and took instructions very well. Drew and I were so proud of her. He may make a hunter and sharp shooter out of her yet.

Have a great week!

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  1. A woman after my own heart! Go Libby! We can compare targets! Haha! Family fun at the range...invite me next time!

  2. How fun. Guessing GK is too young for all of this fun??!!


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