Cooperfest 2013

9:00 AM

Have you heard about our annual trip to the beach that takes place each year on Memorial Day weekend? We lovingly call it "Cooperfest". It picked up that name in honor of our friends, the Coopers, who have been making this trip for at least 15 years, probably longer. 

The Coopers have four kids. Growing up, each child would bring a friend (or two) along with them to the beach. The group got larger and larger over the years. More friends starting joining them each year. And attendance continued to increase as the kids grew up, got married, had kids. Thus the evolution of Cooperfest. 

Some things have changed over the years. But one thing is always guaranteed - it will be lively and it will be fun! This year was no different. Here are some shots of this year's holiday weekend at Panama City Beach.

Georgia Kate's inaugural trip. She loved it! 

We wised up this year and brought a baby sitter along with us. Ms. Madison was GREAT! It was so nice to have another pair of hands. She played, swam, watched movies- she earned her wings! Libby and GK enjoyed having her around. 

And thanks to Coop's creativity, we celebrated my birthday on the beach!

This is the ENTIRE group. I'll give you a minute to take it all in. 

Yes, we all know each other. Ages ranged from 6-months to 80-years-old. And we had five preggos on the trip this year. Which means they'll be even more people next year. 

Kayak motto: YOLO! You Only Live Once. 

The weather was perfect. The water was blue and so clear. We had fun with our friends. It was a great trip! 

Let the countdown for Cooperfest 2014 begin...

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