LA Trip Part 2

4:26 PM

Let's jump into the second half of our LA excursion. Views like this could be found on almost every street. I love the tall palm trees. So California!

After we left Hollywood, we headed to the Farmers Market (claims to be the original) and The Grove shopping area.

We intentionally waited to eat lunch at the Farmers Market. So many different kinds of good food. We all ordered different dishes and passed them around. After we stuffed ourselves, we shopped in The Grove. We also picked up dessert at Sprinkles Cupcakes.  

Sunday evening we enjoyed hanging out in Demetri's tropical and relaxing back yard. 

Then we took in some night life in Venice. Girls' Night Out was so much fun!

Monday morning, we knocked out a four mile run and rewarded our efforts with a big breakfast from Jinky's in Santa Monica. We had detailed plans for the day. We started by biking the Boardwalk from Venice to Santa Monica Pier. 

There was so much see. A huge skate park, muscle beach, miles of beaches and some of the best people watching you could imagine. 

 More biking!

Our destination was the Santa Monica Pier. It's huge and has games, carnival rides, food and was very busy since it was Labor Day. The pier has been featured in lots of TV shows and movies including: Titanic, Forrest Gump, Iron Man, Hannah Montana: The Movie and many more. 

This is a shot from the pier looking down on the beach. Can you believe ALL the people? Holy moly! We were shocked!

Our next adventure was actually on the Santa Monica Pier. My friends signed us up for trapeze lessons at Trapeze School of New York  (TSNY) . Yes, like flying through the air trapeze. I had no part in planning this, but was a good friend and caved to peer pressure and participated in the lessons despite my hesitation. 

We were given time to stretch out and a few ground rules. Within minutes we were scaling a ladder to a (very high!) platform. 

Then they taught us to do insane things like hang upside down and flip off the bar. 

For the record, I was terrified! 

It was fun, but scary. Each round got a little less intimidating, but still crazy!

We made it through the two-hour lesson. Worn out and chalky, but we did it!

I was more afraid than these two, they were fearless! But I lived through it and faced my fear of leaping off the platform. That, my friends, makes me feel strong!

When we finished our lessons, we walked our tired bodies a few blocks to the Third Street Promenade. There was lots of shopping to be had. After we hit a few stores, we made our way back to Venice. We had one last spot to hit on our "must do" list while in LA. A restaurant called Lemonade. Coop had been before and said we had to go back. We made it the Venice location in just enough time to get our orders to go. We took our food home, showered, jumped in pajamas and ate ALL of our food. It was so good!

We were sad that our LA adventure was drawing to a close. I loved every minute of our four days together (well, maybe I didn't love leaning over the edge of the platform at trapeze school fearing for my life). We had great talks, hilarious moments and wonderful memories that I will not forget. 

Thank you, Demetri, for being a wonderful hostess. Having a friend and LA insider with us was the perfect combination! We are lucky to have you!

We landed safely in Atlanta Tuesday afternoon with a serious case of vacation hangover! However, I wouldn't trade those few foggy days following our trip for all the sleep in the world. 

I'm so glad I can now check "visit LA" off my bucket list. What an amazing, fun-filled, awesome trip! 

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  1. What a fun trip! I enjoyed following you on facebook through it. My cousins live in the Venice area, so now I feel like I have had a tour of their stomping grounds. :)


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