December Days

2:00 PM

Hi there! We've had lots to keep us busy since I've posted last. 

Like tailgating before the Iron Bowl with great friends.

It was a fun day. Well, until the last second. Then things weren't so fun for Bama fans. :/ Roll Tide, anyway!

The first Sunday in December Georgia Kate was dedicated at church. She was a ham and did a great job in front of the entire church. If you haven't figured it out, she has no shortage of personality.

That same weekend, the girls got to visit with Santa Clause. 

Libby was very brave. She sat with Santa, told him what she wanted (an Easy Bake oven) and they talked about ways she could better listen to Mom and Dad. So far, Santa's suggestions have fallen on deaf ears. 

Georgia Kate, however, was not brave. She wanted no part of visiting with the hairy stranger. She did give in and waved to Santa while holding tightly to me with her other arm. 

Our house is decorated for the season. Libby was so much help this year. She put almost every ornament on the tree. She is enjoying all the excitement of Christmas. Georgia Kate is doing her part by taking almost every ornament OFF the tree!

I'm doing my best to appreciate every day in December because it seems to be passing me by so quickly. 

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas season!

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  1. B and b did ALL of our decorating this year! It looked messy, I didn't care, and they were thrilled! :-)


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