Christmas Recap

9:24 AM

Welcome to 2014! I was blessed with a nice, long break the weeks of Christmas and New Years. Now it's time to get back into a routine. Hard to do, but no way I'm going to complain since I had so much time off.

Now if you'll allow to me back track a bit, here are some great moments leading up to Christmas.

These two precious girls. Hams! On their way to visit Santa.

Talk about a sweet, sisterly moment. 

Libby took this picture. :)

Libby and the Children's Choir performed during a Christmas concert at church. They all did a great job singing. 

Then they enjoyed a birthday party for Jesus following the show. Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Libby helped with lots of baking over the last few weeks. This particular time she was decorating ginger bread men...and women. 

And a cute shot before church the Sunday before Christmas. 

Stayed tuned for more holiday recaps. 

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