Tallahassee or Bust!

11:29 AM

This summer we squeezed in a quick road trip to Tallahassee, FL. Coop and I have friends that live there and we've been threatening to make a trip for the past couple of years. This summer we made our goal a reality.

The girls and I loaded up after church that Sunday and headed to south Georgia - about a three-hour trip. We made a quick stop in Thomasville, GA to pick up Coop who'd been there for the weekend visiting family. We headed south another 30 minutes and had an easy drive into Tallahassee.

We all crashed at our friend, L.A.'s, house. She was the sweetest, most tolerant host. She and her husband, Andy, took us four in like it was no problem at all. She has two precious little girls, Mabry and Briley. We played, ate, talked and had a great time.

Sunday evening we had a lovely dinner at the "Queen's Table". 

And bed time with four kids is...interesting.

 Coop, me and L.A.

The next day we met up with another friend, Jill. I got to know Jill though blogging. (Yes, you can make friends that way!) Jill and L.A. are friends so it all makes sense. We spent the morning at the pool with six kids!

After lunch and naps, the fun continued into the evening. L.A. set up baby pools, water balloon games and whipped up a make-shift water slide.

Georgia Kate with Jill's youngest, Blair. They were the babies of the group.

Water slide action.

There is a golf course that backs up to the trees in the back yard. At dusk, huge sprinklers began to water the course. We decided you only live once (YOLO!) and ran and played in the sprinklers. The little girls (okay, the adult girls,too) had a great time running wild!

All that fun wore this girl out!

Thank you, L.A. and Jill, for an entertaining couple of days. It was fun to visit and catch up.

Road to trip to Alabama is in order for next summer. :)

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