Disney World - Day Four

9:29 AM

This was our fourth day at Disney. We knew it would be a busy day since we were going to Magic Kingdom (the biggest park) and it was the weekend. I don't hide the fact that we aren't Disney pros - if anything we were a little hesitant about taking the trip at all. But each day we'd been able to conquer a park, we felt a little more confident.

However, we did a lot of laughing and eye rolling at certain aspects of Disney World. We saw some hilarious things and people: women wearing stiletto heels for miles of walking, screaming new born babies, people dragging their elderly family members (some on oxygen tubes) in the heat. Really?! Drew and I quickly agreed that we'd never try anything to further complicate our trip to the crowded parks. Especially in the Orlando heat. That would just be torture for us. Someone else may thrive in that environment. We surely WOULD NOT. 
In my first Disney post I mentioned that we left Georgia Kate home with her grandparents. And it was a decision that we high-fived ourselves over and over again. She was not ready, nor were our nerves. Taking Libby at 6-years-old was the right choice for us. She had a ball, she really did! But was capable waiting in line, letting us know when she need a restroom break, she recognized most of the Disney characters and she was tall enough to ride 90% of the rides. We do not regret waiting until she was older. We'll plan a trip for GK when she is old enough to appreciate the experience. 
We headed back for a full day at Magic Kingdom. We'd spent our first afternoon/evening here and knew our way around. We started at It's A Small World, Disney's Haunted Mansion, The Hall of Presidents and a newer roller coaster, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. Next we visited Enchanted Tales with Belle. This was an interactive tour with Belle from Beauty and the Beast. The REAL Belle!

Drew was selected to help guard the castle while we were there. He was thrilled. Meanwhile I laughed and took pictures. :)

Next we hit Peter Pan's Flight and The Barnstormer, then got to visit with Daisy Duck and Minnie Mouse. 

We had lunch reservations at Cinderella's Royal Table INSIDE the Cinderella's castle. Pretty cool!

Making a wish.


We saw a wonderful parade after lunch with many familiar Disney characters.

We spent the afternoon in Tomorrowland. We rode Astro Orbiter, Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin, Stitch's Great Escape, Tomorrowland Speedway, Carousel of Progress, People Mover...it was a busy afternoon.
We ended the day with one last Fast Pass to ride Thunder Mountain, a roller coaster, one more time. We rode it the first evening in the park and it was one of Libby's favorites. 
At the end of this (LONG) day we were feeling the heat and exhaustion of our extremely busy vacation. 

I repeat: a vacation to Disney World is not for wimps! 

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