On the Run

12:00 PM

Running. I like and I hate it. Funny how that works. 

I guess that's why I am both excited and nervous to tell you I committed to another half marathon. Why did I do that?!? 

After being out of training mode for over a year and making a full recovery from inner ear surgery last February, I decided to sign up for another race. It's the best way to hold myself accountable and forces me to stay on a training schedule. 

I will be running the Soldier Half Marathon November 7. 

I've been training since mid- August. My first long run was while we were vacationing in Keaton Beach. So there I ran. My support staff - Drew and the girls - tailed me in a golf cart and timed me. It was pretty funny and the girls really enjoyed honking the horn to let me know when I could take a walk break. 

Labor Day weekend I had to get in a long run in Panama City Beach. If you're wondering NO ONE is at Club La Vela at 6:45 am. :)

One of my #soulmates, Heather, is training for the race, too. We've met several Saturdays for long runs. She's pretty fast, but she's nice enough to run at my pace when we're together. And I'm glad because long runs are so much more bearable with a partner!

I even bought new shoes for training. It's the first time I've ever run in Brooks tennis shoes. Well worth the investment. I've had no shin or foot aches. This style is the Women's Launch 2

My race is less than a month away. I'll be in training mode until then. 

Happy trails!

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