Summer was Fun! Pt 4

6:00 AM

This summer I enrolled Georgia Kate in gymnastics. She'd never tried it and I thought it would be a good activity to do over summer break. 

She was so cute to watch. She leapt and rolled and gave it her all. 

GK also took swimming lessons at the beginning of the summer. She went through phases of excitement and not wanting to go back. 

Her group on the first day of lessons.

She did well and had the techniques down. But she wasn't a big fan of going to the lessons every day. But even on the days she resisted, she always did what her teachers asked. She was swimming extremely well by the end of the week.

For two day, as soon as her lesson was over, we went straight home and got in our pool to practice what she learned that day. At first, she wouldn't swim to me. But within a few minutes she was swimming ALL BY HERSELF to me. Over and over again. I was so proud of her!

The last two days of lessons she jumping off the side and swimming across the pool.

The last day after a big swim using her arms, legs and coming up for big breaths, she earned a Popsicle!  :)

Way to go, Georgia Kate. She is officially an independent swimmer. We gave her the nick name "water bug" as she spent hours and hours swimming over the summer.  


Attention: Braids ruled this summer!

After having my hair braided by a friend for my triathlon (thanks, Jill) I really wanted to learn to french braid myself. So one afternoon Libby and I took to the internet determined to learn. We found a few You Tube videos. And you know what? We figured it out. All these years I thought I'd never get it. Well I surprised myself and did!

So everyone in my path got braids this summer!

{Below is actually a Dutch braid, cousin of the French braid.}

The only one safe from by braiding frenzy was Drew. Lucky guy!

I love trying new braids and getting ideas from beauty bloggers to try on myself or the girls. 

It was fun to learn something new. Old dogs can be taught new tricks!

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