Staying Busy

4:36 PM

Angel & Libby
(Note how Libby rubs her head when she eats, it's her "thing".)

Courtney Palerino & Libby

Coop rocking Libby to sleep

(I don't have any clue why she is making this face...funny!)

The Parkmans have been crazy busy over the past few weeks. I wish I could tell you we were bogged down with exciting adventures, but that's not the case. We're just living life day-to-day and the days and weeks are slipping by. Miss Libby is changing and growing so much. She is squealing and practicing rolling over, it is amazing how big she is getting. She is interacting with us so much, I can hardly believe the tiny baby I brought home from the hospital is almost four months old!
Angel and Peter were in town this weekend and came by to visit. Libby wanted Angel to feed her a bottle and she did a GREAT job, she was a natural! Angel and Peter, it was nice to see y'all, come again when you can stay longer!

Here are a few pictures from the past couple of weeks.

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