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9:32 AM

We have been and trying our best to enjoy every day. Miss Libby is growing so much, I can hardly believe how much she changes from week to week. Drew and I couldn't be more proud of our precious, little girl.
This weekend we went to Andrew Loftin's wedding. This was crazy to me that he's actually grown up and married...I used to babysit him! Wow, someone feels old! We had a great time at the reception and I've posted a few pictures from Saturday night.
Billie Jean, Coop & Me
Ms. Fonda, Coop, Ms. Tracie (Mother of the Groom) & Me
Coop, Mary Katherine Carter & Me
Mary Katherine looks and sounds so much like Miley Cyrus. (She really does!)
So we charged her with our camera and acted like adoring fans. Her face in this picture is hilarious! We LOVE Miley!!
The flowers were imported from New Zealand, really! (Also the bride's home)
Tootie and I felt obligated to wear them since they traveled all that way to Alabama!

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