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These pieces of candy corn look innocent enough, right? They're not! They are my down fall! This Halloween season, I've already begun my battle with them. I had a moment of weakness last week at Publix and bought a bag. When I got home and unpacked the groceries I left them on the counter. I made at least five trips back to the kitchen that night to grab a handful, bad! Then I thought, "I'll put them in a Tupperware container with a lid. It'll be harder to get to them." Yea, right! So the week goes on and I continue to be under the spell of the delicious (and very sugary) candy corn. I couldn't help myself! At the end of the week, I'd almost polished off the bag. I decided to chalk it up to "being bad" and vowed not to buy any more. My body probably couldn't handle much more sugar, anyway. Then, this weekend, when I went to pick Libby up from my parents' house, my mom said, "Your dad bought a big bag of candy corn and I know you like them, so I stuck the leftovers (what wouldn't fit in her candy jar) in the diaper bag."

Ahh...thus restarts the candy corn addition cycle!

Happy Halloween, anyway!

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  1. You know, they say the first step is admitting your problem...

  2. ummm, I am in the same boat...I am eating the candy pumpkins as we speak!!!!


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