Halloween Madness

8:27 AM

Last night our Bunco group celebrated Halloween by dressing up for our October get together.
Bunco Babes
Bon Qui Qui and Dewat
"Rude! Do not get loud wit'me, sir."
 There were lots of cute and creative costumes, we had a flapper, an Arabian princess, a pirate, a pair of dice, a Crimsonette (I like to think in my honor) even a pregnant Britney Spears - she was bald! Coop and I rose to the challenge and dressed up as Bon Qui Qui and Dewat. (In my previous post, I gave you a chance to meet Bon Qui Qui if you didn't already know her. I wanted you to have a feel of just how funny (and ghetto) she and her man, Dewat, were.) We even performed our own version of their rap to show the Bunco Babes some love! The pictures are so funny (and embarrassing!) I hope you appreciate the time and thought that went into our costumes. Coop went all out and teased, crimped and colored her hair...and she looked so much like the real Bon Qui Qui!

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  1. It was an adventure. It was my first time to wear a stocking cap. Well, actually my first time to have dred lock braids, a fake mustache and pretend to be a man. And hopefully my last! I think I'll be a fairy or witch next year!


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