Annual Christmas Party

12:00 PM

Every year our friends Beth and Gabe Hedges host a Christmas party at their home. The party was this weekend and we enjoyed too much lots of good food and fellowshipping with friends.
Beth, Heather, Cassidy, April, Sheryl and me
Every year after eating and hanging around, we play a rousing game of Dirty Santa. Some years we go home with something good, some years, not so much! This is what I ended up with this year. {Not the TV, a DVD of a crackling fire. Not bad compared to what some people got.}
Drew had a variety of presents through out the night, including this dog, I won't get too detailed, but he was battery-operated and he does his doggy 'business' when you press his ear. Can you believe someone actually stole this from Drew? The dog shows up at the Hedges' party every year!
Cassidy was a good sport, she ended up with this very large Noah's Ark cookie jar. Did you know Santa was on the ark with the animals? (front, center) Me either.
Check out these stinkers! April ended up with 2 movie tickets (one of the hot items of the night) and Cody actually wanted these pink, furry slippers. To be fair, he was being a good daddy and got them for his little girl! The Flournoys came out well this year, a lot better than the ceramic boot they scored last year!
Group shot of the girls
And thank goodness, Sheryl did not go into labor during the party!
What a cute preggo!
Merry Christmas!

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