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9:09 AM

This Christmas I have been introduced to a new children's store that I am in love with. Being new to the children's scene, I'm finding lots of cute things as I go, but this store is my new obsession! Libby's grandmother and aunt hooked her up with some of the most adorable outfits from Janie and Jack. If you don't know about it ('cause you live in a small town like me) make a point to visit their website or go to their store when you're in a big town - like Birmingham or Atlanta. But beware, you will want to buy everything! Here are a few cute pieces that Libby will be sporting this season:

Grey Cardigan & Red Shoes

Plaid Pea Coat

Bows to match

Dress/cardigan/tights set:

What adorable clothes! I hope this store makes it through the recession. I hope to shop here as Libby grows.

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  1. We LOVE LOVE LOVE Janie and Jack! We go to Northlake Mall just for that reason!!


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