Birthday Bash

1:00 PM

We did it, we survived Libby's 1st birthday party. It was pink, it was green and it was fun! We were exhausted at the end of the day, but as tiring as it all was, we really enjoyed getting together with family and celebrating the star of the family.

The Birthday Girl

We fellowshipped...

Libby and Motsie

Uncle Doug and Papa Raiford

Playin' with Aunt Angie

Outside with Grand daddy Parkman

We opened presents...

And best of all, we ate cake!

Libby's cake

Cake Face! (She even smooshed some in her hair!)

Then we rested...

Thanks to everyone that helped us make Libby's day so special.
We look forward to another wonderful year. Libby makes us laugh every, single day.

I've said it before, but this baby girl is a blessing, no doubt about it! WE LOVE LIBBY!

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  1. I love Libby's cake and her little birthday dress was just too cute! I'm glad she had a good birthday! :)

  2. Great pictures of Libby's first birthday! It looked like she had a blast and I love how she dove into her cake! Thanks for sharing!


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