It's Official...

8:00 AM

Libby is walking! She'd been taking a couple of steps at time for the last two weeks, but as of Monday, she's mastered five or six steps at one time. I even catch her walking when I'm in the next room. It's amazing the difference a day makes!

I figured you'd want to see for yourself. So I've been trying to get video for the last few days. However, it wasn't as easy I you might think. The first clip is from Monday. She must have known I wanted proof of her walking, because when I pulled out the camera, all she would do is dance. Very cute, but not proof of her walking skills!

Today, I finally caught her in action!

This baby is wide open - no rest for her weary Mommy!

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  1. Yea!! Go Libby! I'm so glad you got video of this awesome milestone! Plus the dancing was super cute. Wahoo Libby! Mommy and daddy are in for it now!

  2. I LOVE the video of her can tell she's been watching her Auntie Coop!


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