Special Ceremony for a Special Man

11:00 PM

Wednesday night we had the honor of watching the Cooper family accept a plaque on behalf of their father, Sidney. Courtney has coached for the Central High School softball program for many years. She played for the team during her high school career, as did her little sister, Cassie. Through the years, their dad was a huge part of the softball program. He never missed a game and helped as a volunteer coach for several seasons. So I thought it was very fitting and special that the high school honored the memory of Sidney and his many years of dedication to the program.

We are proud of you, Big Sid and miss you greatly!

This shot makes me laugh, so I'll share it with you. I took this before the ceremony. Look at Libby's silly face. She kept giving me this over-the-top smiley face - and I don't know what was so funny! She is with three of the sweetest teachers I know, Paula Graham, Coop and Valerie Wicker.

Speaking of sweet and kind-hearted people, here is a picture of L.A. Hanlon and Libby. L.A. and Courtney met while they were both physical education majors at Auburn. She is so energetic and compassionate! She and her husband drove all the way from Tallahassee, FL last weekend to attend Courtney's father's funeral. And did I mention that she is very pregnant? She only has about 5 weeks until "Baby Girl" Hanlon is due.

You can read more about The Hanlons here.

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