Rain, Rain Go Away

10:00 AM

Is anyone else tired of the massive amounts of rain that we've endured over the past week? I am. However, I am thankful that it is washing away the ugly, dusty pollen. Take that, pollen!

The ground can hardly hold any more water. The streams and river near our house are full to the brim. Even the lakes at the Parkman Farm are so full they are overflowing into the fields.

The rain gauge in our back yard was holding 6 inches
I'm hoping once the rain moves on that we will have some lovely, sunny spring days. Let's hope so.


In other news, Libby is still working daily on her walking. She is up to about two to three steps at a time. I'd secretly love for her to be able to show off at her birthday party, but we'll just have to wait and see.

I love this little stinker!

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