Sunday Picnic

12:00 PM

Our Sunday School class had a picnic after church this weekend. The weather was great, warm and sunny, and we had a good time! Coach OJ made arrangements for us to play at Lakewood School. We ate under the pavilion and played on the playground and inside on the rock wall. Libby had fun playing with (i.e. chasing, walking and crawling after) all the kids.

And this is my chance to plug our great class. If you don't currently attend Sunday School, you'd love our class. We have all ages, singles and couples. We are a lively group. Our teachers, Patrick and Carole are wonderful and make learning about the Bible interesting - no boring stuff in our class! :)

Drew and Libby swinging

Libby and Lily

Under the pavilion

Are these girls cute or what? Libby, Allie and Lily.

Libby's buddy, Ethan and his dad, Josh


And since she's such a fan of the blog, we want to wish Libby's Aunt Angie a very happy birthday. She's 26 years young!

Angie and Libby last summer

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  1. Hey Beth!! That Libby just gets cuter everytime I check out your blog!! And boy is she a fashionista already!! Now that's she's walking it's really gonna get fun for you, no exercise needed, trust me!!

  2. Yes, the Thorntons. I'm thinking you know them? They are really good folks! (And that's their granddaughter, Lily in the pictures.)


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